Snakes is an abstract 36-wave tower defense game.

Drag and drop to buy and place towers

Click on towers to upgrade

Survive as many waves as possible

A game by Caleb Winston

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorCaleb Winston
Made withp5.js, Processing
TagsAbstract, Minimalist, snakes, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes


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Hello, how did you manage to make your processing game playable on the browser (without having to download any .jars, etc)?

I have developped a game within 7 days and I am going to upload it, and release a video on youtube with the making of. So I wanted to release this game on and make it playable on the browser if possible. Its a hectic driving game called Living Walls

The youtube video is taking a lot of hours to make and I think its quite interesting, so you can check it out when it comes out (possibly end of october 2020) on my channel:

Anyway, its quite amazing how you managed to do this in Processing, I know for a fact UI is quite a pain to implement.

Thanks in advance

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It was done using p5.js, not java (i assume that's the reason)

Yes. I made the original on Khan Academy's code editor (you can see the original here. What you see here is literally just an iframe linking to the program hosted on Khan Academy.

Thank you

how do the collectors work?

They give you money on each hit!

I'd like way to restart in frustration besides having to refresh the page.

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Very nice, I like the minimalist, but kind of stylish graphics. At the start it takes some trial and error with the different towers and their features, but thankfully there's no immediate need to be successful. Maybe it would be handy to be able to move a tower, maybe at some cost, instead of having to sell and rebuild it.

This game would be welcome in our contest too, in addition to the previous one.

Thank you!

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so the towers seem to take about 4 score 7 years to aim and aim time isnt upgradeable. too many lines covered? am i being too strategical and efficient?   on a lighter note, the map is great, never seen that before.

By aim time, do you mean time for the towers to swivel around to face the enemy? That certainly shouldn't have to be upgraded; I'll go ahead and increase the speed on that.

If you are seeing too many lines covered, it means that your tower is covering too many path segments. The maximum number of path segments that can be covered is two. So if you have a zig-zag pathway, the game won't let you place towers that cover multiple lines zig-zagging back and forth.

And thanks. :)

whenever a new tower comes into range they start aiming at the new one. for the fast snakes they end up not shooting at all

OK, so that's the fire rate. For some towers, fire rate starts off pretty low. But you can upgrade fire rate for any tower. Hope that helps.